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okay, well really this is just a spot for me to ramble on about random topics

Tuesday, February 17, 2004
Had a nice relaxing weekend -- partly in Maine, partly in Boston. It was good to be home Sunday. The kitties had a field day in the apartment and have decided that they rule the house. Sommersby thinks he's a dog. And Kennedy, well, she's still in the closet.

Few notes from the weekend:
ICE WINE - it's all the rage.
The River Street Whole Foods has a lovely selection of cheeses - just ask Derek for a taste.
Tim's Tavern - good burgers, cheap.
There is nothing like a pair of Danskos.
Love a clean car with heated leather seats.
Best to only ride boat ferries during warm months.
Flat panel TV's need to come down in price.
Mike's Hard Lemonade LIGHT -- very tasty for those watching their carb intake.


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