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okay, well really this is just a spot for me to ramble on about random topics

Sunday, March 21, 2004
Dinner at Pho Hoa Friday night was excellent. Although, be careful not to order an Amstel Light, as that is really code for a Sam Adams. After dinner, half of the party proceeded to Dottie's house and played pool on her brand spanking new table. There is just something very erotic about freshly laid felt and the crisp sound of those gleaming balls.

Saturday afternoon I spent a couple of hours on the second floor of Virgin Megastore on Newbury St (I'm sure you can guess what section I was in). I know what you must be thinking? How much music does this girl have? Well, it's obscene really. Do you think I have a problem? My favorite purchase was "m people" as I've misplaced my old copy of it. And just so we know, I'll be posting my entire database of music (when I get a spare moment) and will be glad to take orders (for a nominal fee of course).

After finally making my way to the checkout, I met up with my friend Melissa and we had dinner at Club Cafe. Had never actually eaten a meal there. Crab cakes & shrimp cocktail for appetizers. Both were excellent. Then had the sirloin which was drizzled with a jalepeno cheese sauce accompanied by a baked potato & asparagus. The sirloin was slightly overcooked, but not enough to send it back. One caveat; service is excellent, but the kitchen takes forever. We were there for over 2 hours which made me a little cranky.

Although, fashionably late (due to the never-ending dinner coupled with the lousy weather), we finally made it out to Worcester for a house party with some of the gang ending up at Rage. DJ Dena worked her magic and spun a lovely set to cap off the night. God she has sexy hands!

And yes, I have FINALLY posted more pictures:
1. Orlando Vacation
2. Dharia's House Party (last night)


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