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okay, well really this is just a spot for me to ramble on about random topics

Wednesday, March 31, 2004
Finally received the new CD's I ordered online (since Virgin Megastore said they didn't exist):

ATB - The DJ in the Mix (UK Import)
Lighthouse Family - Relaxed & Remixed
DJ Wayne G - Anthem (Australian Import)

Let's just say, I have the chills. Truly amazing mixes by ATB and just now listening to Anthem. The 2004 remix of my girl Sandy B's "Make the World go Round" is sensational (can't wait to hear it in the privacy of my car). I have the bass cranked and the treble finely tuned and I'm having my own little private party in my cube right now -- Thank god, no one is in the office just yet. I don't want the music to stop (my own little solice).

Oh and I have a 15 minute massage at 10:00AM. The office is bringin in a masseuse for everyone working on our project. I volunteered to go first -- I'm hoping it's a cute girl named Helga.


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