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okay, well really this is just a spot for me to ramble on about random topics

Wednesday, May 19, 2004
I've been receiving complaints on my lack of blogging... so to please the masses:

I think Amanda already summed up the red minpin incident Sunday morning. Quite tragic, especially since we just heard that the dog we were interested in a while back (Mosley) is doing well in his new home (or so they say). So our search continues...

Went to the MFA and saw Tipping the Velvet. Excellent series with "something" for everyone's taste ;)

Then back to the loft to prepare a lovely dinner for us and a friend (filet, roasted potatoes, fresh string beans) complemented nicely with a Shiraz.

I was then introduced to the art of Tarot Card reading. If you are not familiar with these, try it.... my daily reading was eerily accurate. But then again, I follow my daily horoscope from two sources (just to be sure of course)

Gay Marriage is now legal in Massachusetts. Hallejulah!

First day back to work post-launch. There was a sense of relief and calmness in my world. Following my semi-relaxing day at work... we had dinner with friends at The Fours in Quincy -- well drinks there, then we went next door to an Irish pub and had dinner there. They had Shepards Pie on the menu - and dammit, it was GOOD!

More interviewing for the Junior Web Designer Position (btw, we have other jobs available, so check out our listings and refer some peeps. If you refer someone directly to me, you'll be paid $2500!!! No joke! So send me those resumes! And the company announced that for everyone who has been with the company greater than 5 years, they will receive a month of vacation time (opposed to 3 weeks). Only have a year and some change to go!

Played my first softball game of the season. We lost miserably. You don't even want to know the score (okay, it was 22-4 or something absurd like that). And I'll have you know that I actually got on base and never struck out and made all of my catches. My game was on!

Tony Randall (Odd Couple) died Tuesday. I'm very saddened.

Nothing that exciting to report today from work: interviews, job postings, mundane work, etc. The highlight of the day is our dinner plans with Joe & Julie tonight at The Teriyaki House or Common Main -- both have been getting great reviews from the "locals".

Oh and in case you didn't notice, I did post the pics from the Scotch Dinner Party.


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