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okay, well really this is just a spot for me to ramble on about random topics

Thursday, July 08, 2004
So, as I was giving Amanda a kiss goodbye in the parking lot this morning, a bird pooped on us. They say that is good luck in some cultures. Good lord I hope so! Gave us a good laugh anyhow.

After work we swiftly proceeded to the driving range: Granite Links in Quincy.

Only $25K to join;
soon to be $100K.

Not sure what the real benefits of joining are;
but the view is fabulous.

After a disappointing romp at Marshalls & Office Max; we went to the grocery store. Please note that you should never go shopping on an empty stomach!

Our cart contents: Smart Water, Diet Pepsi (caffeinated & non-caffeinated), a bunch of Lean Cuisines, extra thick bacon, steak, chips & salsa and other various munchies. Thank god I'm not on a diet!

Now, we're just finishing up a bottle of Penfold's Koonunga Shiraz/Cabernet while watching Victor/Victoria. How lovely!


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