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okay, well really this is just a spot for me to ramble on about random topics

Wednesday, September 22, 2004
Hmmm... I'm sensing a pattern here. Can't seem to sleep again. Apparently, this is my new blogging time. Well, the past week has been interesting to say the least:
  1. Had a bad case of food poisoning
  2. Struggled with insomnia all week
  3. Ever wonder what I would look like as an amish girl? Or my friend Melissa with badly died long hair?
  4. Attended Jeremy & Dara's wedding
    1. wild goose-chase for my 86 year-old Grampa Bud in the rain because my mother gave him the wrong directions (please note, correct exit number, completely wrong highway)
    2. only my mother is capable of breaking her toe while getting a pedicure
    3. my nephew Cayden is nearly as tall as I am (he's only 9 years old)
    4. my cousins Nicole & Nathan who I used to babysit are now in college & high school (boy do I feel old)
    5. After being ogled by straight men at the reception we tried an escape to Club 313... it was "Swingers Night" and I sure as hell don't mean swing dancing. Not sure which location was worse. Although, two fabulous dirty martinis for the price of one here in Boston certainly helped.
    6. Gained a wonderful new sister-in-law and someone to help keep my brother in line (okay, he's 6'6 so I'll settle for someone who can help give him grief)
  5. Played some bad email chess (I think I should stick to Scrabble)
  6. Went to the movies
    1. Spider-Man 2 at Jordan's IMAX - it almost made the movie bearable; although, being that close, you could tell that Toby Maguire was wearing contact lenses. It was entertaining nonetheless. That's all I really aim for with the movies.
    2. Cellular - I now have no fingernails left, I was on the edge of my seat the entire movie. And just so we all know... Kim Basinger is still hot, even as a hostage.
  7. Caught Bailey pissing in the bathtub yesterday morning (at least he did it over the drain)
  8. And I think my therapist actually looks forward to our weekly sessions (apparently, I'm quite entertaining - Isn't that called Dyke Drama?)
My alarm is set for 5:05AM, maybe I should just get up and go to work now. Hmmmm... do you think they would mind if I showed up in my new warm & fuzzy "Chilly Dog" pants? Probably not.


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