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Thursday, September 09, 2004

I have searched high and low for my beloved Classic Cask Rye. Low-and-behold, it turns up in Brooklyn, NY. I have purchased the following:

The Classic Cask 22 Year Rye
Batch # RW108
Distlled 1981
Bottled 2004
Bottle #'s: 257, 262, 213 out of 636

The Classic Cask 20 Year Bourbon
Batch# GL-108
Distilled 1983
Bottled 2004
Bottle#: 589 of 630

A road trip is planned to pick up my purchase in the near future. If you looking for anything, take a look at their selection: LeNell's Ltd. I'll be glad to pick up special orders.


I do believe the GEORGE T STAGG bourbon is most promising on the list. Were one to find it, I would recommend picking up a bottle.
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