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okay, well really this is just a spot for me to ramble on about random topics

Monday, November 08, 2004
PITY - Party of One.

Okay, so I think I'm going to set a new record for the most moves in one year. I have given a 45 day notice and will be moving (somewhere) by December 15th. I've decided that I can not live in a situation where I have to worry about what others do (or more importantly do NOT do). I simply need my own space where I only have ME to blame if it is not cared for.

After looking at a very dismal first choice (2 br in Belmont) I was a bit overwhelmed... Sooooo, I did what any other self-pitying lesbian would do. Eat and shop. Okay, so most lesbians would just eat. The shopping comes from some inner childhood trauma (or so say the experts).

Instead of turning back up the hill to my dead-end street. Miss Anthony kept ong going.... back to the comforts of home - the South End... Deluxe. Grilled Cheese. Dirty Martini (ooooh, so dirty). And, of course, a short trip to Virgin Megastore. The entire night cost me less than $100. I think therapy is finally paying off.


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