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Monday, January 10, 2005
Saturday night, we dropped the boys off at Aunt Julia's & Uncle Joe's house so that we could have an evening out to ourselves. It amazes how similar owning dogs is to having children!

With me behind the wheel (lord help us all), we braved the icy conditions and finally made our way to Nahant. "Singing" - Memories! For those of you in the dark... this is where Amanda was staying when we first met. Ohhhs & Ahhs, please!

Our hosts, Tiffany and Linda, greeted us with big congratulatory hugs & kisses and a glass of Vueve Cliquot. (I knew at this point that it would be a sleepover). We toasted and then started right in on the cheese selection that we brought.

It was certainly an evening of great scotches (and I normally do not care for scotch). Linda happily opened (and graciously shared) her very rare bottle of: Lagavulin 1986 Distiller's Edition. After not wanting my own glass; I quickly changed my mind. Wow. What a finish!

Other scotch whiskeys we sampled: Bowmore 25 yr old and Scapa 12 yr old. I also enjoyed both of these. And if the night couldn't get any better... Linda uncorked a bottle of Charbay (Amanda's fav). Bottle #72 might I add.

I almost forgot to mention dinner. Apparently, Linda shares the same obsession I have with food magazines. Not sure exactly what was in the soup, but we started off with a mushroom & clam soup. It was just delightful. We then went on to have rice balls served with a spicy sauce followed by stuffed eggplant and we finished with a main course of venison wrapped in seaweed. My mouth is watering just thinking about it!

Be sure to check out the pics from the evening (and yes, I was getting a bit camera happy as the night went on).


....and there might have been some riesling and chocolate banana bread pudding with hot fudge sauce and a wee bit of bananas foster..just to be social as someone is known to say......but if these goodies are not mentioned then the calories don't count. oh what a night...just count the glasses they say it all!
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