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Tuesday, March 01, 2005
I have very few addictions in life (okay, so as I'm counting... there may be more than a few). We'll leave the entire list for another day, but I have a couple of TV addictions right now: The L Word, The Apprentice, Law & Order (every edition), Lost, Six Feet Under, Queer as Folk, and now Huff.

I saw the first episode of Huff a few months ago and since I worked from home this today, I had the luxury of Showtime OnDemand (since Adelphia in NH fails to provide that option), so I watched the first seven episodes of Huff. I'm completely sucked in now. If you are not familiar with the show, I encourage you to check it out.

The jist of the show revolves around Craig "Huff", a psychiatrist (portrayed by Hank Azaria) who's 15-year old gay patient commits suicide in his office in the first episode. Along with his other, clearly disturbed clients, the show has enough plot lines to keep it going. Then you add in an impressive cast, the show sucks you in!

Blythe Danner shines as his neurotic, overbearing, meddling mother, and Oliver Platt is superb as his self-destructing high-profile lawyer best friend who is addicted to nearly everything illegal - sex, drugs and hookers (he even goes for the dwarf hookers). Huff's wife and son Bird also have great moments, but when Bird starts giving Huff advice, you just have to wonder who's the adult.

Anyhow, I could continue on with a lame review... but if you have Showtime onDemand, watch the first couple of episodes and I think you'll agree that this show has some great potential.


I love Hank Azaria! So glad he got his own show. Finally!
I loved "Huff" and Hank Azaria was brilliant (as was Oliver Platt, I love Oliver Platt). It was really nice to see Hank Azaria in something other than a "character" role too.
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