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Thursday, April 28, 2005
Our San Francisco Getaway:

Arrived in SF around 6:30; at the hotel by 7:15; walked 10 blocks to the Olivia Headquarters, just in time to grab a glass of champagne (free of course) and get a good seat for the feature event: A private sneak preview of the "L Word"! Let's just say that watching the L Word with a few hundred other lesbians is an experience I'll never forget.

We got up relatively early, munched on the lousy continental breakfast and then hopped on the trolley, and jaunted off to Pier 41 for our 9:30AM tour of Alcatraz. Upon arrival, you can truly see the desolation.

We spent the next few hours walking through the compound and listening to the self-guided tour. You could feel the darkness and coldness. Thankfully, I am only prone to speeding tickets and not to something that could put me into such a primative atmosphere. I can not even fathom what prison is like; let alone Alcatraz.

After getting released from The Rock, we took a "bike" cab to the Embarcadero and noshed on more food jand bought some fresh fruit from the local market. We found a lovely Sushi Restaurant and had a snack before going back to the hotel for a quick nap. Saturday night we had 3 1/2 hour dinner at Scala's Bistro with 4 of Constant Contact's customers. We had a fabulous time and dinner was amazing.

After enjoying a liesurely morning, we headed into Chinatown and then off to Valencia Road where we stopped at a motorcycle store and drooled over their scooters. We then ate a vegetarian joint (blah, worst meal of the trip), then stopped at Beadissimo (one of CC's customers) and made some jewelry. On the way back we stopped at The Lexington Club where we almost got into a bad-ass lesbian bar fight. I'm talking NYC Queens style! Lord help us.

My presentation went extremely well at AD:Tech (although I spoke in front of 200 people and was only expecting 75) . That pretty much took all day - schmoozing, drinking free water. I then met back up with Amanda and we had dinner at their HUGE Whole Foods. YUM!

We then hailed a "town car" and headed for the airport. Our driver... a VERY funny Jordanian man named Sumar, decided to give us an audio journey. I know more about Jordanian music now than I think I ever cared to know.

Pictures are coming soon....stay tuned


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