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Monday, May 16, 2005
The Doghouse (or should I say canine condo)
I spent about 9 hours Saturday working on the doghouse. I am still in pain. When you aren't used to wearing steel toed boots, your legs get quite a work out (which really isn't a bad thing). I also bought myself a new toy to help ease the pain of multiple cuts... a miter saw (chop saw) with laser guide. Although, even with the "precise" laser guide, I screwed up some of the cuts!

I have managed to completely frame each side... just need to put the plywood on and insulation in and actually nail it to the perfectly level bottom (thank you sweetie). I'll take pics this weekend and show you the progress.


Workboots-Very cool..I'm impressed actually!! LOL

Steel toe Workboots-Very bad, drop something on your boot and it will severe your toes...

Cute-your getting there...
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