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okay, well really this is just a spot for me to ramble on about random topics

Thursday, November 17, 2005
Have you ever wondered what Amanda would look like as a QVC Sales Consultant?

Well, I was busting a gut as she was an auctioneer tonight and was broadcast on local television.

About half-way in, I get a phone call from Patty and her son Chucky Lee (who has a crush on Amanda), asked her if being on TV made Amanda a celebrity. Of course it does. She is MY superstar!

And I know... how lame am I? Rather than get out the old VCR tape, I took still photos. You can check 'em out here. I will say that she was very cute!


Better than Vanna!
i don't care what she's selling, i'll buy 40 of them!
QVC is hiring! Hurry! I'll start watching if she starts selling!
all I can think of is I love Lucy!
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