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Wednesday, November 16, 2005
Miss Clementine
Oh, my darling, Oh, my darling, Ooooh, my darling..... Clementine!!!

Well, it only took a month to add to the Conaway Clan. Thank god, there were cramps involved. Miss Clementine has joined our family - an itty bitty female Viszla (who just farted). We picked her up on Sunday.

The first 48 hours were a dream... she began eating right away.... she and Jolie were playing. She loves her rope toys.... and then... yesterday morning... she finally figured out the dog door. And, upon completion of that mission, she hopped the FIVE foot fence in search of Amanda. Several hours later and many panic stricken phone calls, Clem was found and brought to the local animal hospital.

She's now back in the house all safe and sound... but we will be watching her seperation anxiety a wee bit closer. Of course... my first dog (Bonnie the beagle), ran away the second day we adopted her. Perhaps this is just something all of my dogs must go through!

But, this we know.... Clem is the sweetest little thing in the entire universe.

Check out the first of the pics:


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