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Wednesday, March 15, 2006
Just brought the pups back up here from their long ride from Arkansas and all are doing well. Parker (formerly Lexi) & Harriet (formerly Ozzie) are amazing. They have explored the inside and outside of the house and other than a large incident of Harriet relieving herself the entire length of the house, they are doing great. Both are comfortable inside and outside of the crate and both are just sweethearts. We are looking forward to seeing them grow more and more trusting over the next few weeks. Both are a bit scared (they don't want to go outside, and seek the security of their crates) but they LOVE to be scratched and petted and loved. We had everybody on the couch last night to watch a movie and everyone ended up snoring...

Here are some pics from the initial meeting with our dogs (Jolie - Pointer, Clementine - Vizsla, & Henri – Cavalier King Charles Spaniel):

We are amazed at how sweet these dogs are despite the horrible conditions they were in. The folks from the Illinois Bird Dog Rescue obviously gave these little ones all of the love and support they needed to get them here. Our hats go off to you.


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