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Thursday, March 16, 2006
Just wanted to give everyone an update on Parker and Harriet:

In general, they have been just wonderful. They slept quietly in their crates last night… not even a peep. Actually, we haven’t heard them bark yet! They are both very food aggressive with all of the dogs (including each other). We feed them in their crates, and that seems to work quite well as that is their safe haven. Both will not go outside on their own yet. Harriet will go pretty willingly on lead, but Parker struggles a bit. Once they do their business I take them off the lead and they run right back into the house via the dog door. They seem to like the warmth inside. They had their first taste of peanut butter (I presume). Harriet didn’t know what to do at first, but once she licked my finger, she just wanted more. Parker is going to the vet on Monday and will get a quick checkup as well. We finally figured out why she has such a granny lip. Her teeth are ground down further than Harriet’s and she is missing her bottom teeth!

When I took Parker out a little while ago, I came back in and the trash was knocked over (which we had put up high). You can tell they were scavengers. They have been jumping up on the counters when there is food around (meal prep time, etc), but they both respond well to a firm “off” and they don’t seem to be too sensitive in that respect. We had a friend stop by yesterday and both of them came right up to her and in-fact Parker nuzzled with her on the couch. Both LOVE to cuddle. Also, I had to bring two extra dog beds into my office because both Parker and Harriet decided they needed to be next to me while I work and poor Clem and Henri didn’t have a place to go! The pack order is quite clear here: Jolie, Parker, Harriet, Henri & Clem.

Also more pics posted here:

I took Harriet to the Vet today to just get another good once over. Here is Harriet’s report card:

1) Harriet is between the ages of 5 and 10 (I was thinking on the 8-10 year range).
2) She had some hard lumps in her lower teet which was a bit bothersome to me. The doc said it felt like scar tissue, but to just monitor it for any growth or abnormalities.
3) Her ears are still a bit dirty, but no yeast infection, so we will keep cleaning them as often as she will let us.
4) I noticed she was swaying sometimes and not always walking in a straight line and the doc did a balance test that looks like she may have had some past damage to her sciatic nerve or a broken bone that never healed correctly.
5) She was extremely willing to let him clip her toenails.
6) She has numerous scrapes and nicks and small scars all over her body, but she is a tough old bird.
7) She would not take the panacur this morning with just yogurt, so we will try something else at dinner time.
8) Also, Harri rode extremely well in the car without a crate. We have a dogseat and she sat the entire time. She couldn’t jump in it… but she climbed right in and sat the entire way and did not seem to be scared at all. She also made some doggie friends at the vet ;)

This is my favorite picture thus far of Harriet:

This is my favorite picture thus far of Parker:


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