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okay, well really this is just a spot for me to ramble on about random topics

Friday, March 17, 2006
So I got up this morning and after bringing Harriet and Parker outside to do their business, they came back in and hopped up on the couch and Parker just plopped right on top of Harriet and they snuggled for some time and I took a few pictures that I thought I would share.

In other big news, yesterday Harriet started following Clementine (our Vizsla) around which was good, because Clem had been trying to get them to play for days now! Clem is very vocal when she plays and I think that turned them off at first, but Harriet was having a great time. Parker hasn’t participated much in playing yet (the only time I saw her playing was when Cassie was here), but she is happy to just be next to someone at all times. When Jolie & Clem think they hear something outside, they tend to bark and now Harriet has joined in…. she has such a cute little safety growl and bark.

There were no messes in the house yesterday so I’m going to see if they will go outside on their own today (without lead). They know how to use the dog door, but they just seem hesitant to go outside. Not sure if they think they won’t be able to come back in or if the temperature is a bit cold, but they definitely like the warmth! They did go out on their own yesterday when I went out to the garage and they were curious where I went. That was a big milestone! We also had a friend stop by with their Wheaton terrier and the meeting went well.

Do I sound like a proud mama yet?


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