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okay, well really this is just a spot for me to ramble on about random topics

Tuesday, April 11, 2006
Well, it has been a wee-bit busy around here. The foster pups are both doing great and have been listed on Petfinder.org. No bites as of yet, but I know they will find their forever homes in the near future.

Harriet just cracks me up... she has no physical boundaries and will sleep ANYWHERE (bed, couch, clothes basket, metal TV stand, on top of my overnight bag, etc). She also really taken to playing with the other dogs. Her favorite toy (at the moment) is her tennis ball(s).

Parker has become quite the fence jumper though, so we are working on that. We pretty much have to go outside with her now on a lead. She doesn't go that far, but man she is quick. One jump and she's over. Although, yesterday, she was trailing a squirrel and she had a perfect point. Jolie doesn't really point so this was the first time I had really seen a field pointer in action. I was so proud ;)

In other news, we are looking to buy either another house up here with land or lots of acreage where we can build Amanda's dream log cabin. We are thinking we will keep the bungalow and convert it into my WebGamut office space. Let me just tell you that the real estate folks up here are LAZY... I mean beyond lazy. If it is not their listing, they will just email you the address and tell you to look at it yourselves. Isn't that absurd? Makes me want to become a real estate agent just to piss them all off.

I have also been researching how to start a dog park. I have registered the following domains: dogcommon.com and dogcommon.org. From my research, it looks like a ton of work (and as Amanda says, "what, with all your free time?", but I think it is really important for every town to have a safe place for dogs to interact. So, I'm going to talk with a few folks and see if I can get some others interested and perhaps I could just be on teh advisory board!


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