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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Well, we just got back from a a sunny fun filled weekend down on the sandy South beaches of Miami. We couldn't have planned a better weekend since most of New Hampshire is now flooded. We lucked out and only have a wee bit of water in teh basement and the dogs didn't get the house that muddy. It was also the first weekend, we have left ALL five dogs home (thank you Kate & Amber). They all did very well and there were only a few accidents here and there.

So how was Aqua Girl? We met some very interesting people, everything from young couples in love, to older women on the prowl for 20 somethings in big glasses, to women who enjoy being single for the past 4 years, but are really ready to settle down with that "one" person. hmmm... perhaps they are doing something wrong. We didn't go to all of the events... frankly we are just getting too old (my god, did I just say that). We went to the two major beach/pool parties and to one of the dinners. We had just a lovely time. It was so great to be able to hold my beautiful wife's hand in public without any funny glances. We ate sushi, cuban, and some gourmet hotdogs which you just can't get in NH. It was just a great little getaway.

I of course took a ton of pictures and I think they speak for themselves (especially the one above - yes your tongues will be wagging ladies). Viewer discrection is advised ;)

View the Aqua Girl 2006 Lesbian Weekend picutres here:


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