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Monday, June 12, 2006
As most of you know it has been a rough couple of weeks for me and my family with the loss of my beloved Aunt Verne and my mom being in the hospital.

Four weeks ago today, my mom went into the hospital to have 2 hernias removed laproscopically - instead, they found 4 more and removed 6 total. Over the next couple of days, she started spiking a fever, so they did emergency surgery to investigate the problem. During the removal of the hernais, they perferated her bowel causing a massive leakage into her body. They were able to get this cleaned up, but this left my mom with a massive incision and had to be put onto a ventilator.

She made minor improvements in her oxygen levels but they haven't been able to get it much past 60% assisted (she has to be at 40%) to be taken off the ventilator. To mitigate any further damage to her espophagus, they did a tracheotomy a week and half ago. It is definitely easier to look at her now without all of the tubes on her face.

In the meantime she developed a Staph infection in the lungs and has pneumonia. With still no improvement in her oxygen levels, they did a CAT scan and found fluid near her lungs. They removed 1/2 liter Friday, June 2nd. She has had a really rough weekend and has been having fevers at 102+.

Last week she started going back into A-fib (irregular heartbeat) so they did an echocardiogram and found that she has a vegetation on one of her heart valves. It is not hurting her at this point, but once she is well enough to handle the antibiotics for it, she will have antibiotics for 6-8 weeks (or have surgery to remove the vegetation).

Yesterday, we got more bad news. She tested gram positive for Streptococcus and we were informed that she does infact have MRSA (a blood borne Staph infection that is antibiotic resistant). Additionally, they have upped her blood thinner medicine because she has a huge blood clot in her leg and likely in her hand.

The doctors are pretty discouraged at this point with her progress, but they have not given up hope. Her vital organs are doing fine. They just feel this is going to be a very long healing process.

For the most part, they have been keeping mom very comfortable and in a medically induced coma to prevent her from moving around too much and struggling with her treatment. During the few good days that she has had, she has opened her eyes and smiled. That was so amazing.

Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers, and please keep them coming. We need them now more than ever. I will try to blog every couple of days to keep you all updated. Thank you.


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