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Thursday, June 29, 2006
Mom was transferred to Cardiac Intensive Care Unit (CICU) at Boston Medical Center (BMC) on Monday, June 19th. She was transferred for what we thought would be an immediate surgery to remove a vegetation growing on the heart valve due to her Staph infection. When we got her here, they did not find the vegetation, rather it was a thickening of the heart valve. Without emergency surgery immediately necessary, the doctors took a very proactive approach and gave us tremendous hope for her recovery.

Within 48 hours, she made huge improvements, limited fevers, blood pressure stabilizing and best of all, she was breathing more and more on her own (down to 45% assisted). They removed nearly all of her sedation and you could tell that the same old “Tara” was still there. She tried talking (mouthing words), writing a few things down, and pointing to things she wanted us to look at. She would point to her feet to let us know she didn’t want them covered, shake her head yes and no if she was in pain and answer questions, smile and laugh when we joked with her or teased her (I told her that just because she is in here doesn’t mean that we won’t tease her).
Last Friday, June 23rd Mom started clenching her left side and was in extreme pain, almost as if something burst. She also spiked a fever of 104.7. They immediately took a contrast CAT scan and found that her feeding tube dislodged into the fat and muscle tissue causing an immediate infection. Early Saturday morning, they performed an emergency surgery to repair the stomach and remove as much of the infected tissue as possible. The wound has remained open and will likely have a vacuum put in like the first surgery. On Monday, they did a surgical debrievement, meaning that they removed some of the unhealthy devitalized tissue, skin, muscle and everything has remained clean and the incisions are slowly healing. During this time they have kept mom in a parapalytic state and heavily sedated as to not rupture her incision further with moving around or coughing.

She was making a slow recovery but with “positive improvements” when the blood clot in her left leg spread into her lung and other leg. Additionally, she lost oxygen after mucus got stuck. They performed CPR for approximately 1 minute to bring her back. She resting very comfortably now and did open her eyes briefly when I went to see her this afternoon. They are putting in a filter to keep the blood clots from spreading and she is of course on blood thinners to prevent any further clots. Despite everything she has gone through, her doctor feels she still has a shot and is in better shape than she was before the emergency surgery. He is being “cautiously optimistic” but he told us not to give up hope just yet.

Needless to say it has been quite a day (and week for that matter). Please keep your prayers coming because my Mom has not given up yet and God obviously hasn’t either. It’s still going to be a struggle, but we are all keeping a positive attitude and letting Mom's body do the fighting. She definitely never takes the short route!


We love you, Gina. And we think of you and your mom every single day.
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