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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Here is the latest update on mom:

She had an allograft today (should be her last surgery) to close up her surgical areas with her own tissue. It will take a day or two to see if the new skin takes, but they said everything looks good so far. She will be pretty sedated for the next 5-6 days as they don't want to have her touching that area or moving around much until the skin starts to grow. They are hopeful that she will be ready for a rehab facility within 2 weeks! She has also been breathing quite a bit on her own and will probably only have to have the ventilator on at night in about a week!

I spent the last two days with her and she hasn't lost any of her personality or spunk. She was engaging, mouthing words that I could actually understand and we just chatted, laughed, smiled and cried together. She was in complete disbelievement that she has been in there for just over 2 months and that she doesn't remember a thing (which is just as well). Just before she went in for the surgery this morning, she playfully told one of the doctors to hurry up because she was bored! Now that is my definitely my mom!

Many of her nurses have said that they can't believe she has been able to pull through as she was one of the sickest patients they have ever encountered. So just wanted to again say thank you to everyone for sending positive vibes and prayers her way. We appreciate it so much.


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