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Wednesday, August 02, 2006
Well, miracles do happen. I just spoke to my mom on the telephone!

Yesterday, was Mom's 79th day of being in the hospital. I was priveleged enough to be with her when she spoke her first words! They kept squeaking out behind the trach tube, but then we learned we just had to cover it up and she could talk... A wee bit high pitched, but it's a start.

Today is her 80th day and she has been off the ventilator for over 48 hours now. She was also transferred to the rehab facility this morning - Kindred Healthcare in Waltham, MA. They will be working on getting her back up and walking, talking, eating and mobilizing her body again. She looks amazing and I think she has lost 30-40lbs, perhaps even more. This will certainly help in this recovery process.

Her short-term memory is a few days at best right now and she can't remeber anything about her stay with is just as well. They will be working on that in rehab as well. The biggest priority is ensuring that her wounds stay clean and that the remaining infection clears up. She still may have to have another skin graft, but that is the least of her worries. Well, that and getting her teeth back (the hospital lost her 4 front teeth) and she is sooo embarrased. But they said they would pay for them and we'll get them ordered this week.

Her spirits are high and she knows that this is going to be a lot of work and that they will be pushing her more than she has ever been pushed before. She is ready and willing though.

She thanks everyone for their kind thoughts and prayers and has really enjoyed the cards you have all sent as well. Thank you again! I'll keep you all updated. But TARA is back!!!!


Wonderful. Simply wonderful.
OMG! She's a LEO! I should have known she was a kindred spirit!!! Tell her we said Happy Belated Birthday and so glad to hear of her recovery and comeback. And I can't believe she's 80. EIGHTY?? That is just unbelievable.
not 80 years old goofy, 80th day in the hospital. She just turned 56.
not 80 years old goofy, 80th day in the hospital. She just turned 56.
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