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okay, well really this is just a spot for me to ramble on about random topics

Wednesday, October 04, 2006
It's been a pretty hectic week.

Friday: picked up Buckley our new Cavalier (he was flea infested and a wee bit thin), but otherwise healthy. Two flea bathes later and he got to meet Clem & Henri.

Saturday: We took Buckley to the vet and aside from the massive skin problem from the fleas, he is in good health. He's on a pretty heavy dose of steroids and antibiotics. Amanda picks up her Cousin Marci from the Airport. I cook a nice home cooked meal for us all.

Sunday: We attended CATHOLIC mass and Amanda manages to talk it up with the greeter and he insisted that we assist him in bringing up the offering. That was all well and good until we refused communion (since we aren't catholic) and everyone just stared at us! I wonder if he would have asked if he knew we were lesbians? We then had lunch and dinner with Gusti & Charlie and a grand day by the fire.

Monday: Cousin Marci was off leaf-peeping while I tried to finish up a website to go live today. I tried taking both Clem & Buckley to the office, but the new boy needs to learn some manners before that will work out.

Tuesday: Worked at home again so I could work with Buckley a bit more and when Amanda came home, we took them all down to Fox Run Park. Everyone did quite well off-leash, but we still have work to do!

And tomorrow, I'm going to be spending the night at Mom's re-hab facility to complete and "overnight" so that I can be trained for emergency situations that may arise when Mom goes home next week!!!


Pictures. Where are the pictures!!!

Oh and it seems things are going on well with Mom. Good. Good good good.

And you guys crack me up with the whole Church thing. Only Amanda!
i hope you mom is well.
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