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Saturday, January 06, 2007

Happy freakin' New Year 

Well, no better way to start off the New Year than with a nasty cold complete with conjunctivitis. I've been fighting this off since Christmas and it worsened this past week. I knew it was only a matter of time before I got hit with my yearly month-long bought of bronchitis.

Friday I spent the day at the doctor's office and then tracking down the obscure medicine that she prescribed - 0.63 milliliters of Xopenex. So here I puff on my nebulizer sucking down Oxygen mixed with Xopenex which is designed to open up my bronchials. It does a great job - but it gives me terrible shakes and tremors.

Oh, and this morning I woke up with what looks like a case of conjunctivitis (also known as "pinkeye". And yes, of course I have a picture of it. What kind of photographer would I be without pics? Amanda and I were eating lunch on the porch and she says to me. "You look like crap!" So I at least took a shower before I took the pics. I didn't want to scare anyone.

Amanda spent the day cleaning the house while I rested. I did manage to get in a couple loads of laundry and of course make some food. And now, she is off having a fabulous steak dinner (on the grill) with Gusti & Charlie. I'm jealous.

All is not lost though. She took Buckley and Clementine so I decided to make them a new chew toy (our current stock has been destroyed). It came out better than I thought (see the pic). I hand sewed it, so I'm sure it will last about two minutes with Clementine. But I am very proud that I was able to reuse the squeaky and even "body" parts as the stuffing from old toys. I used outdoor furniture canvas that is tougher than jeans, so as long as they don't get a handle on the stitches, it should last for say 10 minutes!

Anyhow, good night everyone... my drugs are kicking in and hopefully I will have one solid night of sleep.

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