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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentine's Day 2007 

Happy Valentine's Day my loyal blog readers (all 4 of you).

Here is how my day went:
6:30am - open the dog door for the pups (it's snowing outside)
7:00am - take my thyroid pill
7:30 am - baked chocolate chip cookies
7:51am - made blueberry muffins (in a cute teddy bear baking tin) with a gooey chocolate middle and served them to Amanda in bed.
8:30 am - built a fire (took two matches... argh).
8:45am - started answering emails and doing a bit of work.
10:00am - shoveled the back deck (about 8 inches)
12:00pm - heated up left-over beans and rice that Amanda made last night. YUMMY.
1:30pm - saw the mailman so I shoveled again.
2:00pm - back to do some work.
2:24pm - Amanda asks: "Is it too early to drink wine?". Of course not! We open a bottle of Old Vine Zinfandel. Perfect.
3:12pm - decided to clear the cars off and shovel the driveway.
5:23pm - finally finished shoveling and came inside... brrrrr.
5:50pm - started dinner - southern style BBQ ribs, roasted purple potatoes, homemade Texas toast, and asparagus.
6:30pm - popped the cork on the Mumm DVX 2001 Rose (thanks Joe & Julia).
6:45pm - ate dinner.
7:15pm - watched a few videos on BrilliantButCanceled.com
And now, just waiting for American Idol to start (no laughing please, if you watched it, you'd be hooked too).

Happy Valentine's Day everyone.

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make that 5?
this is the first season I've watched AI and I'm totally hooked! I've managed to avoid it before now ... curses
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