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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Cool Summer Camps for Adults 

I have found myself not able to sleep tonight, as I have been suffering from a bad case of bronchitis and a cough that has me banned from the bedroom.

Anyhow, after watching Nazi 101 on the History Channel, I flipped around and came across a special on the Travel Channel called: Cool Summer Camps for Adults.

I have been racking my brain to figure out what I want to do now that I hit the big 30 and what a perfect list. So I just may be taking a couple of weeks off to explore some summer fun!

These were my top favs:
  1. Space Camp - I too wanted to be an astronaut growing up and my parents couldn't afford space camp, but now, for just $899, I can spend a week as an astronaut without all of the hassles. Certainly beats falling in love with a fellow astronaut and driving cross-country to revenge the love!

  2. Skip Barber Race School - When my mother is in the car with me, she refers to me as "Mario A". Who wouldn't want to learn how to drive a race car (crash and burn baby).

  3. Camp Winnarainbow - This is a camp for those wanting to learn the ropes of the circus business (oh sorry, performing arts).

  4. Sankey Rodeo School - Well I am a Taurean Bull, so perhaps I should take the bull by the horns. But then again, I do bruise easily.

  5. Aloha Surfer Girls - Did you see Blue Crush? Can I just be a spectator?
So, I now have additional options. I was originally going to go on a cross-country photography road trip, but frankly, with the price of gas right now, I could go to TWO summer camps and still have money left over. Now that's what I call a bargain!

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I went to NASA a couple of years ago in Florida and it was the coolest..if you are going to space camp, I am comin' with you ;) hey, ever see the movie "space camp" in the '80s??

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