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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Happy 30th Birthday to ME! 

While, I've been celebrating my 30th birthday all week, today I turned 30. I used to laugh at all of those straight girls who feared turning 30, but I succumbed to that panic earlier in the week.

I took a picture of myself last night (at 29) and was hoping that I would miraculously lose 25lbs overnight. It didn't happen so I figured the best way to celebrate was to go to my favorite diner for breakfast.

Here has been my day so far:
  1. Went to Annie's Overflow for breakfast- Cheeseburger omelet with home fries and white toast. Oh and a hot chocolate and orange juice.
  2. Had a fabulous 60-minute massage at the Common Man Inn
  3. Came home and relaxed some more
  4. Went to the Six Burner Bistro for lunch - Gazpacho soup with a Thai Duck Wrap
  5. Drank champagne while I downloaded pictures.
  6. Went back to the Spa for my manicure (just a nice buff and shine).
  7. Returned home and my dad surprised us with a hanging basket of flowers, a mini-cake and a card (I was beginning to think both of my parents forgot my b-day).
  8. And now, just getting ready for a lovely evening at Lago (a restaurant by the lake).
Last night when I came home from work a HUGE bouquet of flowers from Amanda were waiting along with a couple bottles of champagne and hor d'oeuvres. We sat outside until it got too buggy (see the pictures of the vermin in my glass of wine) and then Amanda went out and brought back some fried scallops, clams, onion rings and french fries from George's Seafood.

And the night before that, we went over to Gusti & Charlie's house and had the most incredible rib eye, corn on the cob and mashed potatoes of the season.

I have to admit - this has been the best birthday - EVER. There isn't more you can ask for in life: good health, a beautiful and amazing wife, good friends, great food and wine, and wagging tails from the dogs. Life is good.

I have again run out of room on my server so I'll be moving all of my pictures to a new server this weekend. In the meantime, check out my birthday week pics (I'll update tomorrow too).


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