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Friday, May 04, 2007

Mini Vacation 

Well, I just got back from dropping our three little furry friends at a new dog sitter. It's heart breaking when they don't even pay much attention to you when you leave.

We found a new dog sitter in the local Penny Saver and came highly recommended from our vet.

We are very excited to have found someone that is willing to take the dogs anytime! We have been planning a trip to Boston for a few months, but we agonized over what to do with the dogs. That is how every day is, since Clementine has such separation anxiety.

But I think it's going to work out quite well. Clem, Buck & Henri were having a blast at "Barbara's" House - small bungalow style in the middle of no-where with 3 horses, a black lab, a rescued Jack Russell terrier and an African grey parrot!

Oh, and did I mention, there are 12 acres, no neighbors (nor college students), with about a half acre fenced in! I just hope they are excited to see us when we pick them up at the end of the weekend.

I came back to the house and it was DEAD silent, very empty and sad - so I ordered Chinese food!

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