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Friday, August 10, 2007

Boot Camp Complete 


Boot Camp #1 is now complete. The stats are in and I couldn't be happier. I have lost 4.5 inches of fat and gained .25 inches of muscle. I've lost 7lbs (although that was by my scale and not the official scale).

And, to top it all off, I shaved exactly 1 minute off my mile and doubled the amount of pushups. My mile time: 11 minutes and 22 seconds! My next goal is to do it under 10 minutes.

I have one week of rest before I start it all over again for Boot Camp #2. Watch out J & J... I may start joining you at marathons (did I just say that? I was just kidding), but I will watch and feel your pain!

Actually, while on the subject of marathons. I will be doing my first 5K race in September if anyone is interested in doing it with me. I'll be running/walking and trying to beat my first time (50 minutes or something) - although I walked nearly all of it.

Above is the group shot of our first boot camp ladies (missing two people though). Some are coming back so it should be a good time again!

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Congratulations! Where's Manda? I see Gusti. Is that her? I am bad at picture facial recognition.

Anyhoo... I was wondering how it was going. You are officially faster than me. I haven't been running, just biking. All the weight gain of the last two years just caught up with me in a day. Unreal.
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