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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Peace Corps Interview 

Just wanted to give everyone a quick update on my Peace Corps Application Process.

I had my interview last week and it went extremely well. The person interviewing me just finished his service with his wife last year. He of course said, it was such a rewarding and amazing experience. He and his wife worked in Belize. Anyhow, he sent my packet off to the regional office in Boston and I have been waiting for their responses.

Well... yesterday, I heard back from the Regional recruiter and she is ready to "nominate" me for a position. She thought that my skill set would be ideal for a business advising and/or development.

She is really eager to put me into a specialized business development program in Mexico. This would leave in April 2008. She sent my resume to that program's director yesterday and is awaiting word back from her on whether I would qualify for that position.

If that doesn't work out there is a program leaving in June 2008 to Eastern Europe and several programs leaving in September 2008 in Eastern Europe/Central Asia and Africa.

She hasn't even looked at the information technology positions available and there could be some other opportunities there.

I would really like to leave in April or June - so keep your fingers crossed for me!

The excitement is really building.

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