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Tuesday, October 21, 2008


My good friend Melissa emailed me today and thought my last post about Obama was not like me and "out of left field".

Let me clarify... I don't care that Obama is black nor Muslim (and please forgive me if you thought that I was being prejudicial - that was not my intent). I wrote that while still heated from a debate and I probably had a glass or two of wine in me ;)

What I meant to say is that I do not think that the people of the United States are ready for either which puts us right back with McSame. I think the democratic party chose the wrong candidate by not electing Hillary (even though, I wasn't thrilled with her either).

I WILL be voting for Obama and I really do hope that America is ready for a change, which I know Obama will deliver (probably more so than Hillary). So hopefully that clarified my stand!

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Hang in there my friend. Obama will win and it won't be close.

And this is coming from your republican friend.
Thanks Joe! I know you are going out of your comfort zone too! Are you going to wear your bowtie to the polls? That would be so "republican". LOL!!!
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