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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Fantasy Fest 2008 

Okay, so I really went outside of my comfort zone this past weekend. I went to Fantasy Fest in Key West, FL. That in itself is a huge stride, but the real acheivment was I stripping down to my pants and letting some tattoo artist named Randy paint my naked chest!

I can't tell you just how liberating it is walking down Duvall Street with 50,000 people all staring at you. AND, every other person stopping you to take your picture (and yes, I have already found some of those photos on Flickr)!

Even more unbelieveable was just how pleasant people were. I know from experience what a pain it is to ask someone if you can take their photo. Not difficult for these folks. All were polite and only a few asked to "touch". I only let 4 people touch - at least 2 were gay and 1 was trading for fantasy parrot beads!

For my body paint, I had comments like: "That is the best I've seen", "beautiful artwork", "I thought you were wearing a t-shirt", "whoa", "oh wait, that's good" along with many double takes. Anyhow, I will be back next year, but not sure how I will be able to top black beard on my saggy breasts! I asked him to cover them up and he sure has heck did with a 3 dimensial Captain Hook!

Lastly, Pictured is Brenda, Myself, Jacq and Becky (the only second timer)

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This was my first year attending Fantasy Fest. I didn't have the confidence to strip down for a body paint costume but I saw some awesome work done by artist. Everyone in the Keys is so laid back it is nice to be around a crowd that isn't judging you for being you!
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