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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Not Medically cleared for Peace Corps 

Thought I would update everyone on why I have not left for the Peace Corps. One month before I was supposed to leave, I received a letter that my file went to a review board and that I was not medically cleared

Why you ask? Because I am an overachiever and that coupled with my ADHD would hinder my ability to complete the terms of service (27 months). They felt that I would become bored quickly and bail on them. While I can understand their decision, every doctor I went to took all of that into consideration and cleared me to go. Doctors I have seen for YEARS!

With all that said, I was most likely going to be placed in Georgia and if you follow the news at all, the Peace Corps pulled out of there and I would have gone home anyhow. In my opinion, they did me a favor and everything happens for a reason.

With Roller Derby season just about wrapped up, I have been looking into some other volunteer opportunities. One in particular I would travel as a photographer and document eye surgeries! So, I'll keep you posted on that as well!

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